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Classroom Command Center

The Classroom Command Center (CCC) is a powerful tool for teachers managing a blended learning classroom, as it provides the teacher with easy to interpret visual representations of real-time formative data within an intuitive classroom management and distribution tool.

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So... there's an app for that?

Yes, it's our teacher designed

Classroom Command Center!


I need digital content that I can deliver to my students and retrieve performance data on the fly to help me make decisions.

Our Online Resource Bundles (ORB) provide teachers with a comprehensive, research-backed repository of digital lessons, media, and assessments.

With our innovative drag and drop distribution tool and clear visual data generated in real-time by students, establishing a personalized learning environment has never been easier. By setting up custom "Rules", the CCC automatically evaluates each student's Pretest and assigns them the appropriate content based on their entry level to the topic being discussed.

I would like a classroom management tool that streamlines the art of teaching.

I want to organize my students into learning groups and set specific objectives for them.

Teachers can organize each student into differentiated learning groups, which are color coded for easy classroom management and streamlined instruction.  As each student reaches his or her objectives, the results update in real time.

How can I differentiate my instruction based on my students' individual needs?

Teachers can use Incline Learning’s Online Resource Bundles as is, or customize any of the content to create appropriate leveled learning experiences for each student. If more is needed, they may also use our vetted OER links within each ORB or upload any existing resources that they have developed into the system.

Using the data presented as students complete their work, teachers can truly differentiate to create a personalized learning experience for each of their students.

Our Classroom Command Center empowers classroom teachers to effectively manage today's diverse classroom by targeting instruction based on each student's individual needs.  Teachers are able to meet each student at the appropriate entry point for every lesson and deliver content to groups or to individual students.

Blended and Personalized Learning has never been so manageable!



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