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Ascend Program Goals



To empower your family with the tools needed to develop the best representation of your student for U.S.-Based Independent Schools.

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To provide the highest quality online curriculum resources for families to use as flexible learning materials while preparing students academically, linguistically and emotionally for a U.S.-Based schooling experience.

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To individually support Ascend students, with an english speaking teacher, while creating an ePortfolio and readiness index that is supported by evidence collected and compiled through our monthly program.



To connect students with prospective U.S. schools by building an accurate readiness rating and holistic student profile for the U.S.-Based Independent Schools to drive their admissions process.

The Ascend Experience

The Ascend Program is a monthly offering (multiple months results in most accurate data) by Incline Learning, designed to prepare foreign students for a U.S. Based Schooling Experience, while simultaneously connecting students with prospective U.S. Schools. 

A standard month of activities includes unlimited access to our award winning digital content for all subject areas. English and Social Studies are guided by an English speaking teacher who works with each student individually for 30 minutes, 12 times a month. 

Initial family communication and student entry diagnosis is conducted by a native language speaking Program Director.

The flow is represented by hovering over the images below.



Each family will have an initial conversation with a Director speaking their native language. This conversation includes diagnostic questions that are used to determine a student's current state of preparedness and goals for attending U.S. Based schooling.

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Once this information has been collected, our Directors work with Teachers to create a Personalized Growth Plan (PGP) for each student. This PGP is updated three times a week (12 per month) with the student.






The PGP allows us to effectively monitor student growth in the areas of:

  • Communication,

  • Character,

  • Culture,

  • Critical Thinking.


Over a series of 12 individual 30 minute sessions per month, our english speaking teacher works with the student and updates their PGP.



Over the course of a month, our Teachers monitor and track 12 subcategories and 36 different skills in the areas of Communication, Character, Culture and Critical Thinking.


Visit the Readiness Index Page of the website to learn more about these subcategories and skills.



A valuable combination of data and sample student work is shared with prospective partner schools so that families gain exposure and so that the schools can determine which students best fit their student profile.

Schools receive access to:​

  1. Readiness Index,

  2. Teacher Feedback,

  3. Student e-portfolio.


While students are working through the Ascend Program to establish a an accurate representation of their preparedness with our Readiness Index, Teacher Feedback and ePortfolio, they also are exposed to the highest quality Standards Aligned curriculum.


Each student is enrolled in a customized version of our Online Resource Bundles (ORBs). ORBs represent a comprehensive Junior High Curriculum that was designed specifically to meet the learning requirements of today's digital learner.

Incline Learning’s teachers will guide students through the English Language Arts theme based lessons and our Social Studies content (US History, US Government and Civics) as part of their ORB based calls.

Students will also be provided with Mathematics and Science Content to use as a supplemental resource as desired by their families.

Access to our award winning content and tools will be through our proprietary Classroom Command Center and Learning Management System.

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