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When the best is the only option...

Curriculum, Tools and Programs designed to meet the demands of the most rigorous academic programs.


...proven, award winning and teacher friendly.


Online Resource Bundles (ORBs)

Our Online Resource Bundle (ORB) curriculum is designed to support teachers as they strive to create dynamic learning environments and innovate within their classrooms.


Driven by decades of learning research and proven pedagogical practices, our proprietary lesson design and content empower teachers and students throughout the learning process.

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Revolutionize how your teachers access and react to data to ensure the ideal learning experience for every student, every day.

Classroom Command Center


Make Dynamic Environments Manageable for All Teachers

Blended Classrooms

Personalized Learning

Remote Learning

Hybrid Schooling

Empower the Art of Teaching 


Bring Efficiency to Teacher Planning 

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Our Classroom Command Center, powered by ORBs, streamlines planning and classroom efficiencies.




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Our Ascend program was designed in collaboration with our Partner Schools to prepare and evaluate student readiness for an intensive international schooling experience. 

Students are immersed in our ORB Curriculum and work one-on-one with an English speaking teacher three times per week to evaluate students in 36 skill areas related to Communication, Culture, Character and Critical Thinking.


Students also gain exposure and access to our Partner Schools through our Incline School Partner Program, where their Readiness  Index and  work Portfolio help schools identify candidates for acceptance. 

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Interdisciplinary Projects (6-8)

The Interdisciplinary projects are collections  of interactive, theme-based activities that help students reach a deeper understanding of how topics learned in one discipline can be applied to other disciplines.  Each project parallels the ORB curriculum, and allows students to further hone their knowledge and presentation skills through real-world applications and demonstrations of learning.

The projects allow for student agency that builds on the foundations learned in the core curriculum. 

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Child Safety



This Program is designed to educate students about their feelings regarding self image, peer pressure, decision-making, and relationships.

The purpose of the Incline Child Safety Program is to help schools provide students with age-appropriate sexual assault education and child abuse education in a caring and conscientious manner.  

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